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Is It Worth Upgrading a Working Receiver?

av receiver upgrades how to know it s time

Well, it’s time to tell you about upgrading receivers. The most important thing to mention at the very beginning is that buying an AVR should be connected with the desire to upgrade your sound and not a mere whim because such a purchase is not a cheap pleasure.

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Receiver Role: Does a Receiver Improve Sound Quality Effectively?

do receivers make a difference in sound quality

When you are on the verge of choosing a new receiver (whether you want to upgrade your system or choose equipment for the first time), we aim to get high-quality surround sound. And many of the buyers are ready to spend literally all their savings or even get into loans to buy the latest, most expensive AV receiver.

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Best 9.2 Home Theater Receiver Reviews

best 9 channel receiver reviews

Getting a multichannel surround sound receiver was a blue dream once, but these days this dream can come true for anyone. One no longer needs to attend a cinema to get multichannel surround sound. Household AV receivers have become real game changers allowing them to build an advanced home cinema and entertainment systems.

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Best 7.2 Home Theater Receiver Reviews

best 7channel receiver review

What home theater receiver should I choose? It is the most common question I hear from beginners. Well, let’s find out.

First of all, you need to understand what budget you are willing to allocate for such a purchase. You should also consider how and where you plan to use it. In this review, I have chosen the best 7 channel receivers for you because they usually meet most people’s needs. But before I proceed to an overview of the models themselves, we will look at a few important technical points.

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Best 5.1 Home Theater Receiver Reviews

Best 5.1 home theater receiver reviews

The expensive multi-channel home theater receiver will not always be an optimal choice. For example, in a small room, you probably won’t need most of its features, or you won’t use the full power of this device. That’s why, based on my personal experience, I have selected the best 5.1 receivers available on the market for you.

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How to Add Bluetooth to AV Receiver?

How to add Bluetooth to AV receiver?

Adding Bluetooth to your AV receiver is a great way to improve sound quality and simplify connections. This guide will show you how to add Bluetooth to your AV receiver. We’ll also provide some tips on optimizing sound quality.

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What Can You Do With Chromecast AV Receiver?

Chromecast AV Receiver

External sound devices are not always easy to carry around. For example, suppose you wish to enjoy the TV audio somewhere else in your house or rent a party hall or open-air space with an installed surround system for watching blockbuster movies on the big screen.

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How Do You Hook Up a Receiver To a TV Without HDMI?

How do you hook up a receiver to a TV without HDMI?

Initially, you will need to determine what kind of TV and receiver you have. Equipment differs on each product and needs to be appropriately matched so the hook-up process smoothly. For example, some TVs may come with more than one type of input that allows for the direct connection of a component, such as an AV receiver or Blu-ray Disc player.

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How To Connect Powered Speakers To AV Receivers?

connect powered speakers to AV receiver

Nowadays, powered speakers (active) are more popular than passive (without a built-in amplifier). Although they give more advantages than passive, they do not require other components such as power amplifiers.

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Is It Better To Use HDMI ARC Or Pptical?

Is it better to use HDMI ARC or optical?

It is a commonly asked question, but the answer is it depends on your situation. Some users will have an easier time setting up one or the other, while some people won’t care either way. As many of you may know, HDMI ARC means “Audio Return Channel”. An optical audio uses sound waves that travel through glass fibers of cable to connect devices.

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Home Theater Receiver Buying Guide

Home Theater Receiver Buying Guide

AV receivers are an essential part of any home theater or sound system installation. They take the signal from your source (CD player, TV, DVD player) and process it to provide surround sound, video up-conversion, and other features.

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