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Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Speaker Installation

We all love to gather with friends for a barbecue on our terrace. But what kind of party can you have without music? Of course, you can use various portable boomboxes, but only outdoor speakers installation can provide truly quality sound. Well, this question requires some thought about the preparation, the choice of the right equipment, and, of course, the correct execution of the set-up stages. It’s quite simple; you just need to think about everything in advance, and in this article, I will share my recommendations with you. Let’s make barbecue evenings unforgettable!

Preparation and planning

The first thing to take care of is choosing the right equipment and location for the outdoor speaker setup.

Choosing outdoor speakers

Since we are talking about the outdoors, you should not choose ordinary speakers. I recommend choosing more powerful speakers because sound outdoors is not reflected off the walls but dispersed in the air.

They will be affected by wind, rain, sun, dust, and other factors. To protect against dust and moisture, the speakers should have an appropriate IP rating. Also, try to examine the characteristics of the materials and components from which the speakers are made; the enclosure should be resistant to:

  • exposure to the atmosphere.
  • ultraviolet radiation.
  • corrosion.

What to look when choosing receiver

what to look when choosing receiver

Unlike speakers, no receivers have special protection, so I recommend installing them in the house. And you just need a multi-zone AVR to control the speakers on the patio, regardless of what’s happening in the house. You can also buy a receiver with a built-in ecosystem. In this case, you’ll avoid wires, but the signal may not be as reliable, intermittent, or bouncing.

Make sure you match your speakers and receiver’s power and frequency settings. If they are in the same range, the system will work optimally.

Placing your outdoor speakers for optimal sound

Examine the location for outdoor speaker installing. Pay attention to setting up the speakers so that the sound is directed toward the listeners and not out of the broadcast area. The sound should disperse evenly without encountering obstacles. Therefore, hanging them on the wall or placing them on special stands is best. Also, think in advance about how and where you will pull the wires, and prepare tools: drills, fasteners, bolts, and conduits, if necessary.

Receiver positioning for seamless outdoor audio

As I said, the best place for the receiver is inside the house. However, try not to place it too far away, in one of the nearest rooms, especially if the pairing is wireless.

But what if placement in the house is impossible for some reason? Then I would suggest placing the AVR in some dark corner, away from the sun, and avoiding raindrops hitting it. Buying a special cover or making a waterproof cabinet even better.

Sure, you can take the unit outside every time, but I’d go crazy with constantly plugging in every speaker. Plus, it might start raining before you can unplug the receiver and run inside with it.
Remember, the more secure the receiver is, the longer you will enjoy the system.

Ensuring proper speaker-to-receiver distance

Considering the distances between the outdoor speakers and the receiver will be equally important. This directly affects the optimization of the sound and, therefore, your experience. Pay attention to the following points:

1. Manufacturer’s recommendations: It is very common to find information about the ideal distance between system components in the owner’s manual, so take the trouble to study both (the speakers and the receiver).

2. Cable length and quality: Choose flexible, well-insulated cables. Study their specifications. Unless the owner’s manual is helpful, don’t choose a cable that is too short (you may trip and blow the whole system) or too long (you may lose signal quality).

3. Check before: Don’t rush to nail it down until you’re sure you’ve done it right. Try placing components and listening to the system beforehand. Play around with the settings.

Step-by-step outdoor speaker installation guide

step-by-step outdoor speaker installation guide

The step-by-step installation process is as follows:

Step 1. Place the speakers in the locations you have defined for them. Install racks, shelves, or mounting hooks. Ensure the structure is secure, and feel free to hang or arrange the speaker system. Put the receiver in its proper place as well.

Step 2. Pull the wires to the receiver and plug them into the correct sockets. If the system is wireless, make a pairing.

Step 3. Connect sound sources to the receiver. What do you have there: CD player, smartphone, turntable? And depending on it and your tastes, adjust the sound.

Step 4. Enjoy the music!


You can create something special if you take a balanced approach and consider all the factors beforehand. Study the characteristics of the components and select the best devices and locations for them. Ensure a reliable connection and get the most out of life with your loved ones.

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